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Financial administration services for small enterprises and self-employed professionals
Relipe Oy

Accounting firm

Relipe Ltd is an accounting office based in Vantaa (in Helsinki Region, Finland). We are specializing in helping small enterprises and private traders in all financial administration issues. Our premises are near Korso railway station in Eastern Vantaa.

Accountant Johanna Sirkiä

I have been entrepreneur since 1998. I have bee active in different lines of business. Since I have studied business administration I became also intrested in helping others to start their own business and to organize business finances in a better way.

Procountor Partner Accounting Office

Digital financial administration

Procountor is an internet-based financial administration software for managing your business finances as a whole. Since Relipe is a Partner of Procountor you can get introduction and opening of the service from us.

Accounting BLOG

Most articles in our Blog are in Finnish only. (See: Tilitoimiston BLOGI = Acounting Blog in Finnish). But you can find some basic information also in English. And we certainly are striving to provide good service also in English.

Procountor liittyi Finago-tuoteperheeseen

Procountor Taloushallinto-ohjelmisto on Procountor Oy:n tuottama ja ylläpitämä palvelu. Myös Relipe Oy käyttää Procountoria asiakkaidensa taloushallinnon hoitamisessa. Procountor Oy kuuluu Accountor-konserniin. Samaan konserniin kuuluu myös Tikon Oy, joka markkinoi...

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