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Accountant Johanna Sirkiä tells about her business and her accounting firm
Johanna Sirkiä is accountant, entrepreneur and owner of Relipe

Accountant, entrepreneur Johanna Sirkiä

I have been running my own business since 1998, first as private trader and since 2004 as owner of Relipe Ltd. I graduated from Helsinki Secreterial College in 1995. As an accountant I need to be aware about all the latest amendments to laws concerning taxation, accounting and business management. Therefore I study and update my knowledge continuosly.

Financial administration as line of business

I have been active in different lines of business. As an entrepreneur I have always been willing to advice other start-up entrepreneurs. I am also interested in organizing the finances and accounting so that things could be managed easier and more effectively. My interest in better financial management was the reason I finally became full-time accountant. The idea of financial administration services is to help you to manage your business better and easier.

Basic details of Relipe Ltd

  • Form of business: Limited liability company (Ltd), in Finnish: osakeyhtiö (Oy)
  • Company name: Relipe Oy
  • Parallel name in English: Relipe Ltd
  • Established and registered in 2004
  • Main line of business: accounting and other financial administration services
  • Domicile: Vantaa, Finland
  • Finnish Business ID: 1919594-4
  • VAT number: FI19195944
Procountor Partner Accounting Office

Partner of Procountor

Relipe is a Partner Accounting Office of Procountor since 2011. Procountor is an internet-based software for managing all financial administration tasks in a company or business. I have chosen Procountor as it suits very well also for small enterprises. Using Procountor we can orgnanize your invoicing, payrolls, accounting and whole financial management effectively and save your time. You can get introduction to Procountor and opening the system from us.

Our clients

Relipe has specialized in providing services to small enterprises, self-employed persons and start-up entrepreneurs. We help you in starting your business and in all paper work involved. We give practical information about insurances, invoicing, payments and all duties involved in your business. And it is not only about business but also about entrepreneur as a person. When it comes to taxation and insurances it is important to take care of the financial situation for you and your family as well as for your business.
Relipe Ltd is a member of following organizations:
Chamber of Commerce (Kauppakamari)
Relipe Ltd joined the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce in 2011. An important reason for this was the excellent services that it offers. Especially valued services are (information services about accountig, taxation, business laws etc.) and (bookpublisher and bookstore).
Taxpayers Association of Finland (Veronmaksajat)

I have been a member of The Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF)  already before becoming an entrepreneur. In 1998 my membership was turned into a company membership.

The publications, advice services and online data banks of TAF are good source of information on all taxation issues.

The official name of TAF in Finnish is Veronmaksajain Keskusliitto but often it is called just Veronmaksajat (in English: Tax Payers).

Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Yrittäjät)
My business has been a member of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (in Finnish: Suomen Yrittäjät) since 1998, first as a private trader and since 2004 as a limited liability company (Relipe Ltd). The organization offers valuable membership services: advice line, information, training, publications etc.
I use several sources of information:
Data Banks of KauppakamariTieto

The informaton services provided by KauppakamariTieto consists of up-to-date information data banks on accounting, taxation, business law etc.  Relipe has subscribed the whole service including all data banks of KauppakamariTieto.

KauppakamariTieto is a service by The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

Publications of TAF (Veronmaksajat)
We follow the publications of Veronmaksajat (The Taxpayers Association of Finland) and utilize the data banks and advice services provided by the organization.
Professional books

I study continuosly and professional books are important for this. Books about accounting, taxation and business are coming from:


Edita Publishing / EdiLexPro

KauppakamariKauppa (Chamber of Commerce Publications)

Veronmaksajat (Tax Payers Publications)

Laws and official instructions

Up-to-date Finnish legislation and judicial information can be found in Finlex Data Bank. All legislative information is published in Finnish and in Swedish. Only part of the infromation has been translated to English and other languages.

Instructions given by the Tax Administration can be found on the web site of Tax Administration. Here applies the same rule as above. All instructions are published in Finnish and in Swedish and only part of them are have been translated to English.

Instructions about proper practices in accounting are given by The Accounting Board (Kirjanpitolautakunta) of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Instructions can be found on the web site of the Accounting Board.

Services of Yrittäjät
The publications of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) are good source of information about things that matter most small enterprises. Also the advice services and training services provided by the organization are usefull.