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Partner of Procountor

Procountor is our tool in financial administration services

Financial management with Procountor

Procountor is an internet-based software for management of the finances of your business. With Procountor you can manage sales invoicing, purchase invoice processing, payments, payroll calculation, accounting, final accounts and tax reporting. Procountor suits well for joint use by accounting office and your company. Procountor software is a product of a Finnish company Procountor Oy (Procountor Ltd) which is part of Accountor Group. You can make an contract about using Procountor software directly with Procountor Oy. If you do not have all the skills in your company needed for taking care of accounting and taxation, then it is recommended that you choose an accounting office which is partner of Procountor. Procountor partner can help you get the software and provide you the service you need. Relipe has been Partner of Procountor since 2011.

Procountor as part of our service

In our premises you can get a practical introduction to Procountor software. There is also possibility for trial use before making a contract about using Procountor. Opening Procountor for your company and making the contract with Procountor International are taken care by us. When using Procountor there are lots of alternatives how the financial duties are shared among different persons in your companay and which duties are taken care by your accountant. If you do not need digitalized financial services with Procountor and you wish to get accounting service in a traditional way, then you do not have to make contract about Procountor. In this case we make your accounting with Procountor Tallennus, which is a software used by the accounting office only.

Separate contracts

Although you get Procountor through an accounting office, you are not tied up with any particular accounting office. Contract about using Procountor is made between your company and Procountor Oy. Procountor’s Partner accounting office just helps you in making this contract.Contract about using the services of an accounting office is a separate contract. Accounting office advices you in using Procountor and takes care of producing accounting statements for your company. However the information saved in Procountor belongs to your company and not to the accounting office. Therefore it is now easier to change accounting office than it was in a traditional bookkeeping. There are lots of accounting offices aroung Finland which are Partners of Procountor.