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The author of this blog is Johanna Sirkiä, accountant, business advisor and the owner of Relipe Ltd.

From the author

In this blog I address issues related to business and financial management. I write mainly from the perspective of small businesses, micro-entrepreneurs and starting entrepreneurs. The aim is to provide practical advice for various situations and links to reliable sources of information. Blog posts are mainly in Finnish only.

In some cases I might give quite detailed advice on some issues. However, these writings are not complete or exhaustive instructions, but rather examples of things that should be paid attention to. More detailed and comprehensive instructions can be found through the links in the writings. In addition, it is worth remembering that the regulations concerning accounting and taxation are constantly changing, so older writings may contain partially outdated information.

If you are a customer of the accounting firm, contact your accountant and ask for more detailed advice if you are uncertain about something.

Yours, Johanna Sirkiä
accountant, business advisor

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