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Price list of accounting office Relipe Ltd

Pricing of accounting and other financial management services

Our pricing from 1 February 2022

Services provided by the accountant are charged according to the time required.

  • The price is 68 €/hour + VAT (value added tax).
  • The price with 24 % VAT is 84.32 €/hour.

Pricing of Procountor

Charges on using Procountor (electronic financial administration system) are based on the price list of Procountor. You can get Procountor’s full price list from us.

Rights to changes are reserved

Clients are informed about changes in pricing according to the general conditions of contract. The accounting firm notifies clients of amendments in writing, no later than thirty (30) days before the adjustment enters into force.

Questions about prices and pricing

How much does it cost? Monthly?
The hourly fee in the price list leads often to question like this: ”How many hours does it take?” or ”How much does the service cost for a small one-person business?”

The amount of work (and the charge for the services of an accountant) depends on many questions. Amount of invoices and volume of your business is just one factor. If we organize the financial administration effectively and if you use Procountor software for managing all the invoices and if you are able to take care of invoice management correctly, then the actual accounting work does not take a lot of time.

Crucial qustions are:

  • How much advice and consultation do you need about taxation, invoicing, using Procountor software etc.?
  • How much and which tasks do you take care by yourself?
  • And how much help from the accountant do you need in order to get everything right?
Are there any extra fees?
Services provided by the accounting office Relipe (and accountant Johanna Sirkiä) are charged according to time needed for producing the service for the client. There are not any extra fees unless otherwise agreed.

Operating costs of Procountor software are charged according to the price list of Procountor but these are usually charged by Procountor Ltd and not by the accounting office. However operating costs of Procountor can be invoiced by the accounting office if there is a special agreement on this.

It is also possible to handle the start-up of your business so that the accounting office takes care of paying the handling fee to the trade register. In this case the accounting office will charge you (or your business) not only the normal fees of the accountng office but also the handling fee of the trade register.