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08.09.2018 | Financial Administration in English


Understanding and translating Finnish words

Terms used in taxation, legal texts or technical contexts have often quite specific meaning. In order to undertand things correctly you need to undestand the correct meaning of words in that specific context.

If you are translating from one language to another, you should be aware that words of different languages do not correspond each other precisely. For example Finnish word palkkio can and should be translated differently according to the context and the specific meaning of palkkio in that context.

I have collected here links to glossaries and term banks provided by Finnish government and Finnish organisations. There you can find definitions of terms in Finnish and other languages and translations between different languages. In addition there are some interesting links outside of Finland.

Specific glossaries

General glossaries

This article was written by Johanna Sirkiä, accountant, business advisor and the owner of Relipe Ltd.

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